Overcoming limits with technology and innovation.

Beyond Limits is a Third Sector Entity that promotes social inclusion and awareness through the use of innovative technologies and cutting-edge methodologies.

We work to ensure access to culture and knowledge as a fundamental right of every individual. Through research and technological development, we create accessible solutions that break down barriers and enhance diversity.

Young student interacts with virtual reality using a visor and two controllers

Our values

  • A world accessible to everyone

    Where technology is a tool for inclusion and not exclusion.

  • Conscious technological development

    That values diversity and turns it into strengths.

  • The human factor

    Central element in building inclusive society that offers equal opportunities to all.

Our activities

  • Awareness and training

    We promote knowledge and understanding of disabilities through training and awareness-raising activities targeting schools, businesses and communities.

  • Autonomy for people with disabilities

    We design assistive technologies that support the autonomy and mobility of people with cognitive and motor disabilities.

  • Technology research for inclusive education

    We develop innovative educational tools that promote inclusive learning and enhance the potential of every student.

  • Accessibility in cultural contexts

    We make exhibitions, installations and performances accessible to all, creating accessible and engaging cultural experiences.

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